Farmhouse Moves on to AAF Nationals

The American Advertising Federation hosted the District 7 Awards in Jackson, Mississippi this past weekend. Farmhouse brought home three golds and two silvers, and will be moving on to the [...]


The Importance of Social Media Presence

For some folks, not having a presence on social media seems to be a point of pride. If you fancy yourself as “living off the grid” – not in the true sense, since you love your [...]


Marketing vs. PR

HEADLINE: Dog Bites Man. *Yawn.* HEADLINE: Man Bites Dog. *OK, you’ve got my attention. Keep talking.* HEADLINE: Quick-thinking Restaurant Owner Saves Man From Choking To Death During Contest [...]


The Power of Email Marketing


Phil and The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Perhaps you’ve heard a story about a couple who, on the recommendation of their cousin’s brother-in-law’s sister, decided to save a few bucks on wedding photography and instead of hiring a pro [...]


Brand Recognition and Popularity

Every year The Commercial Appeal and Memphis Flyer conduct this huge marketing and advertising campaign under the guise of a reader poll, in which folks vote on their favorite consumer services [...]


What’s in a Name? Branding in a .com World

You’ve dreamed for years of hanging your shingle and have probably envisioned your name on said shingle. You must, however, think beyond the shingle to your digital presence and all that entails. [...]

The Story Behind the Design: Mighty Miss Brewing Co.

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Project

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