branding vs marketing

You may be asking yourself… Do I need a marketing firm or a branding firm?

For us, the answer is clear. Branding does more to help your business grow long-term than marketing does.

Let us define the two…

Branding is your logo, but it is also your messaging, story and culture. Of course, your brand spells out your value proposition and differentiators. It’s also the experience and the connection between your business and the buyer. Branding is your on-location design. It is your website experience and messaging. It is your social media messaging, and it is your intellectual property. This all works together to create loyal consumers who become ambassadors for your business. When you invest in your brand, you can weather lean times and new competition. You don’t have to follow trends. Investing in your brand bolsters business. And that is why we specialize in this service.

Marketing is reach. Reach is created through advertising, collateral and social media. Having a brand doesn’t mean that you are exempt from marketing. There is always a need for a good campaign. It’s just that marketing is easy to do. The steps are simple… Find your demographic. Determine a budget. Calculate the number of impressions you will get. And boom… Get your message out there. Can we assist in marketing? Of course. But marketing a compelling brand is much easier than one that is not. Driving consumers to a well thought out experience will compound the impact of any campaign. That is why Farmhouse focuses on branding first.