If you own a business, you own a brand. And if you own a brand, what you do with that brand will be the biggest determination of your future success. That might sound a little over-the-top, but it is true. As a business owner, you own two types of assets… depreciating and appreciating. All the stuff that helps your business run is depreciating. But your appreciating assets are your intellectual property. Your intellectual property includes your brand, process, approach, culture and trademarks/copyrights. These things are the essence of what makes your business different from your competition. If nurtured, those things increase in value over time.

Branding is the essence of a business. It is the root goal and mission of that business. It is the reason the business exists. Successful brands are ones that identify that, specialize in it, perfect it and gain loyal followers as consumers of it.

When we work with a business, we study its deeper value and how it differs from its competition. We then build on that differentiation through design and messaging. Through this process, we develop strong brands that define culture and connect to consumers. After establishing the brand, we take it to market.

Why is branding important?