logo design

Logos are the tip of the spear for any brand. A logo is the identifying mark. It is the icon that represents all the messaging and promises of the brand. A logo is the one thing you don’t want to go cheap on. Consumers notice logos daily. There is research that suggests that the average person encounters 400 logos in a single day. Logos are on everything. And with this constant bombardment, consumers are unapologetic critics of quality. They can assess the value of a logo in the blink of an eye. Something cheap, looks cheap. Something old, looks old. Something fresh, new and exciting, becomes that.

Logos are serious business. When we build a logo, we build a brand. When you hire Farmhouse to build your brand, the first thing we are going to create, or examine, is your logo. When hired to design your logo, we have a thorough discovery process. We create mood boards and image boards. We spend a lot of time developing the look and feel before we start drawing. And we don’t rely on stock graphics. We look to customize first. We are always hoping to deliver something unique and impactful. We show you options and revise as needed. And when you are happy with the design, we deliver it in every format you need for production. We also deliver a brand guidelines booklet.

Being unique is what logos are all about. And today, bad design is ignored. Winners of 10 National Advertising Awards, we understand what it takes to make impact. Let us show you how good your logo can be.

Why is branding important?