lately we’ve noticed some social media practices that, frankly, are jaw-droppingly, cringe-inducingly appalling. Not posts by your grandmother, mind you – the ones she shared out of fear folks would think less of her should she scroll past a Jesus meme without typing “Amen” and then passing it along to her tens of friends. No, we’re talking about PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Look, if you’re paying someone to manage your social media presence, take a moment to peruse your social media history to make sure you are getting your money’s worth from a “pro” and are not, in fact, allowing someone to sabotage your livelihood. 

    “How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth? And isn’t ‘sabotage’ a bit extreme?” 

    So glad you asked. 

    First, let’s real quick address the second part of that question: No, ‘sabotage’ is not hyperbole, unless you are OK with making your business irrelevant, which brings us to the heart of the matter. 

How to Make Your Business Irrelevant on Social Media in 5 Easy Steps

1. Rely on The Daily National Holiday 

   Unless National Grated Cheese Day, National Drywall Mud Appreciation Day or National Smell An Old Bowling Shoe Day has a direct correlation to your business, there is no lazier post than this. That it is National Whatever Day is not going to factor into a customer’s decision to take action with your brand. Instead, focus on why your audience would/should invest their time, energy and money with you and tailor your message accordingly.

2. Beg for Likes/Followers

   Ever begged for a date? If so how did that work out? Beseeching your followers to “Like” or “Share” so you can hit some magical number is lame. Don’t beg for attention; EARN IT! If your voice is genuine and your brand is on point, your business will gain quality followers organically. 

3. Make Mindless and Constant Calls to Action

   Unless you are hosting The Price is Right, avoid pleading with folks to “Come On Down!” Pitch-slapping your audience with an overused, trite call to action has little to no effect in coercing them to “Stop In Today!” Instead, engage with and entice potential customers by telling them cool, relevant things about your business. 

4. Post Content That Makes Followers Wish They Could Get Back The Time They Wasted Viewing It

   Ever sit through a video expecting some kind of payoff for watching it to the end, only to get to the end and wonder why you wasted your time on a video that ultimately OFFERED YOU NOTHING!? Chances are you weren’t exactly grateful, as you could have spent that time enjoying your kids, a power nap or a taco. Value your audience’s time and give them something for having spent it with you. 

5. Use Poor Quality Photos and Write Terrible Captions

    What grabs the attention of someone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter? A quality photo, that’s what, and nothing will kill the story you are trying to tell faster than a crappy photo. Add a nail to the coffin by providing a poorly-written caption. A social media pro should be able to shoot and edit photos, as well as craft appropriate and relevant captions for them. Uniformity is key here. Using the same filters with all images sets a mood or a tone for your content; likewise, a consistent voice speaks to a stronger brand.    

    If any of the above are being committed by your professional social media manager, you are not getting your money’s worth. Social media mirrors real life; if your social media presence is shoddy, lazy and/or amateurish, it may be perceived as a reflection of the way you conduct business. Recognizing these social media missteps is crucial in order for you to right the ship before it sinks.