product branding

The product must be competitive on the shelf. We make your product stand out by creating packaging that emotes a connection to the shopper. We do this by making the product personal though telling the story of your brand and product. One of the most important aspects of product branding is your intellectual property. We help create your intellectual property and secure it. Whether you need trademarks or copyrights, we steer those decisions. We help you protect what is yours. We develop messaging and materials to get your product on the shelf and into consumers

How do we execute branding specifically for a PRODUCT?

the steps

  1. Explore product, its market and its target consumers
  2. Examine current packaging and story
  3. Design competitive packaging and develop new more personal brand story
  4. Secure intellectual property on developed messaging and designs
  5. Deliver brand files, guidelines, creative brief and messaging materials
  6. Oversee production of packaging
  7. Launch web and social campaign with product rollout
  8. Provide client access to all digital platforms
  9. Establish analyitcs for reporting
  10. Create assets needed to sell product at wholesale and retail
  11. Make recommendations for taking to market
  12. Measure response and examine need for marketing launch campaign
  13. Draft a marketing strategy and implement

the tools

Web Design
Graphic Design
Domain Strategy
Social Media

in summary

Competitive Designs through attractive packaging that deliver a personal brand story which is legally secured as your intellectual property, and any materials you need to sell your product.

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