Farmhouse worked closely with Pitt Hyde and the Pittco team to delve into their core values, aspirations, and unique identity. Our collaborative approach ensured that every element we crafted was not just aesthetically pleasing, but a true reflection of Pittco’s vision. The synergy between our teams became the catalyst for an innovative and harmonious brand development process.

The Brand

Crafting a brand for Pittco went beyond aesthetics; it was about distilling their ethos into a visual language. Farmhouse conducted in-depth research to comprehend Pittco’s values, industry nuances, and competitive landscape. Through strategic brainstorming sessions, we developed a brand identity that not only stood out in the market but also encapsulated the essence of Pittco. From color palettes to logo intricacies, every aspect was meticulously chosen to align with the company’s mission and aspirations.

The Website

In the digital age, a website is the gateway to a company’s narrative. With Pittco, we aimed to create a digital experience that seamlessly conveyed their story. Farmhouse designed a website that goes beyond functionality; it becomes an immersive journey for visitors. Navigating through Pittco’s website unveils not just financial prowess but the human element that sets them apart. Our user-centric approach ensures a captivating interface, providing a detailed glimpse into Pittco’s journey, achievements, and future endeavors.