Service Branding

Every service business needs to have its culture examined. A brand doesn’t work if it doesn’t match the culture of the business. Service branding examines the brand experience. This means that how the consumer interacts with the brand either online or on-location will be re-imagined and redesigned. We generate a strategy for gaining online and on-location traffic. We create all new assets to sell the service. We place the new design and messaging wherever the consumer interacts with the brand.

How do we execute branding specifically for a PRODUCT?

the steps

  1. Either determine culture, location and brand experience OR Explore current culture, location and brand experience
  2. Develop new more personal brand story
  3. Design new brand experience for online and on-location
  4. Secure intellectual property on developed messaging and designs
  5. Deliver brand files, guidelines, creative brief and messaging materials
  6. Oversee production of any signs and graphics
  7. Launch web and social campaign with new brand messaging rollout
  8. Update digital listings to ensure discoverability
  9. Provide client access to all digital platforms
  10. Establish analytics for reporting
  11. Create assets needed to sell services
  12. Measure response and examine need for marketing launch campaign
  13. Draft a marketing strategy and implement

the tools

Branded Environment
Interior Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Domain Strategy
Social Media

in summary

Defining the culture of the business. Designing and building the brand around that culture. Making a strategy for implementation which includes the online and on-location brand experience. Creating new assets that deliver the new brand design and messaging.

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