What is Branding

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Branding is the essence of a business. It is the root goal and mission of that business. It is the reason the business exists. Successful brands are ones that identify that, specialize in it, perfect it and gain loyal followers as consumers of it.

Every business has a deliverable. A deli serves sandwiches. But a brand makes a deeper connection. A brand emotes. Instead of serving sandwiches, a deli can become a communal location where people enjoy lunch and share ideas. Or that same deli can be a satisfying choice by families who all agree on it for dinner. Discovering the deeper value of your business and how it connects to your consumer is branding. That’s where we come in.

When we work with a business, we study its deeper value and how it differs from its competition. We then build on that differentiation through design and messaging. Through this process, we develop strong brands that define culture and connect to consumers. After establishing the brand, we take it to market.

Here are quick some examples of successful efforts…

Crosstown Dental Group is a dentist, but we branded them as on office of efficiency and as where “smart mouths” go. We never discussed dental work. We discussed time. Highly successful campaign that resonates because time is a consumer benefit. Dental work is a drudgery.

The Mighty Olive is an artisanal olive oil and vinegar shop, but we branded them as a gift shop because how often do you buy olive oil? Once every 6 months? But you purchase gifts weekly. So they became the healthy and useful alternative to candy, wine, flowers, etc.

Tamp and Tap is a coffee shop but by branding them as the place to “Grind and Unwind” with a matching brand experience, we created a community meeting area.

Agave Maria is a Mexican restaurant but we branded them into a museum of icons where people could visit installations of Memphis saints.

Green Chile Food Company sells frozen food but we branded them as the bold choice and changed their perception from a frozen food to a brand with personality and fun.

Catfish Blues is a restaurant that we branded as a music hall and live music venue with our slogan “Delta Raised.”

Bounty on Broad is a fine dining restaurant that we branded as an eatery with the mission of sourcing sustainable, local food that tastes great for your family.

Security Bank and Trust Company is a community bank that we branded as the “Backer of Big Ideas,” so they could continue their reputation as the cornerstone of commercial development in the region.

HBG Design is an architecture firm that we branded into an amazingly fun and interactive workplace to help them recruit and retain talent.