catfish Blues is a restaurant located in Hernando, Mississippi, and we had the pleasure of telling the unique story of this place from the ground up. The name of the establishment comes from the original North Mississippi blues song written by Robert Petway. With Catfish Blues, we were given the opportunity to celebrate a rich culture that can only be found in the Delta of Mississippi.  From there, we ran with it; using the culture to inspire the atmosphere of the space.

 We wanted the brand story to showcase the two greatest exports of the Mississippi Delta- blues and catfish. Combining these two celebrated aspects gave us a compelling brand family which includes two distinct yet balanced logo designs to be used in tandem… the “catfish guitar” and the “music note fish hooks (you can view the award-winning artwork in the portfolio here.)

 We were also lucky enough to be able to secure– and create a fun website that reflected the brand story. On the website, you can find restaurant info, merchandise, as well as a bit of Delta fun… big fish stories. We decided you cannot rightfully serve catfish with out having some fishing lore to chew on. On the website, you can see these big fish stories which are posters hanging on the walls of the restaurant (we love what we do).

 The slogan we created for the brand is “Delta Raised” which both reflects the origin of catfish and blues music, but also becomes a call-to-action for being from the region.

 Foodservice is theater, so the atmosphere is a critical part of the brand of a restaurant. We have a juke-joint venue called the “Deltatorium” that is a live music stage. When creating a unique atmosphere, we focus on the intrigue of the destination, and use the brand family to reflect that. With Catfish Blues, we created a unique destination for an unforgettable experience.