farmhouse was approached by Elkington Real Estate Group to rebrand their company. Elkington Real Estate Group is a longstanding Memphis-based commercial real estate firm that has been involved in redeveloping many downtown locations and entertainment districts, such as Beale Street, and they specialize in retail and hospitality commercial property.

Rebranding a company that has been in business for many years, is no easy task. A company’s brand becomes their identity, and no matter how antiquated a brand is, it can be hard for them to let it go. Lucky for us, the Elkington Group was very excited about a change and they were entrusting us to deliver something new and fresh that could create a new look for the company.

With the logo, we wanted to ensure that the design still maintained a strong business to business feel. We wanted to create something strong, confident, steady and lasting while giving the design a sleek and modern polish. It took many renditions and sketches for us to find the right balance of those descriptors. We were balancing a fine line between too much embellishment and not enough.

In working with the name Elkington, we found a nugget of gold. The E could be manipulated as such to resemble a building. Getting the perspective just right took some adjustments, but the resulting icon was well-received by the client. The rebrand took place in 2013, and Farmhouse designed all new collateral for the company with the new brand.

Farmhouse won a Gold Addy for Best Logo Design for the Elkington Real Estate Group branding design. The company is still one of the premier commercial real estate groups in the Mid-South.