every business has one important quality that makes people buy their product or service. For business owners looking to increase success, I suggest we step back and identify their most redeeming quality. Then, we steer messaging to that.

Let’s take restaurants for example. Every restaurant has a redeeming quality. They could be family-friendly, or serve a great lunch place, or boast a lively happy hour crowd, or be a great dive bar… bottom line, every restaurant has an endearing characteristic. The establishments that embrace that and don’t try to be all things to all people, find the most success.

I provide clarity to business owners. I help them see their business as the market sees it. Take to time to answer these poignant questions that can help lead you to the correct brand positioning and messaging.

Who are our best customers?
How would they describe us?
How do we change our messaging?
Where do we place this messaging? (Advertise, etc.)

Repositioning is simply taking your greatest asset and accentuating that.

Not everyone needs to be drop-dead handsome just like every restaurant does not try to grill the best steak. We need diverse people with different attributes. This is the same with business. And when you know what your attribute is, yell it from the mountaintops.