nexAir hired us to create a campaign that highlighted their ability to be more than just a gas supplier, but a partner for their customers by providing technical know how and solutions that help their bottom line. Since beginning their campaign, nexAir’s audience has grown exponentially, their engagement is well beyond their competition. The success of the campaign is due to our ability to make a b-to-b business more approachable to potential customers.


The Farmhouse team refers to the nexAir website as a web ‘estate’, boasting a treasure trove of content that not only tells the brand story, but is the hub of a robust digital strategy. This site helps the sales team get leads, the human resources department hire new team members, potential customers find the nearest retail location and so much more. This project was a springboard for future digital needs for this client, helping them continue to grow into the future as they give their customers the tools to do the same.

Social Media

A social media campaign is an excellent tool to engage with your audience, find new fans, and tell your story in a compelling and approachable way. For a b-to-b business like nexAir, the benefits of social media are endless. Farmhouse executes social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business. The response has been outstanding, and has been a great way to educate new and existing customers, and funnel them to the nexAir website.

Internal Branding

Within the nexAir brand is a family of brands, initiatives and services. Farmhouse has helped bring these ideas to life with internal branding for all branches of their business.


AirWave, an internal newsletter for the nexAir team across the Mid-South, needed a new design. Farmhouse redesigned this publication and executes these newsletters quarterly.